Login to your admin page
  • Goto System -> settings and click the Action button.
    • Update General, Store, Local, Option, Mail,
  • The opencart admin email will be the primary email.
  • The notification email will be a proxy email address. By default files in catalog/controller/mail* are updated accordingly.
  • Create an API access token.
    • Register at opencart.com
    • Enter your credit card
    • Locate Your Stores: Register your store to access marketplace API, and then click it.
    • Click "ADD STORE"
  • Enter the API.
    • Navigate to Extensions -> Marketplace and click the red button at the left top. 
    • Enter the API
  • Add extension
    • Navigate to Extensions -> Marketplace, find and download an extension
    • Navigate to Extensions -> Installer and click the install icon
  • Always click save at the top right corner button after updates.
  • You will not able to save if missing the required fields. See all tabs to locate the missing field.
  • Make sure you assign a category to the product otherwise, it won't show up.
Navigate to Design
  • Home page banners
    • Navigate to Design -> Banners: Home Page Slideshow
      • Delete existing and add your slides
  • Enable or disable banners for your need.
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